professional support for your business

Is your business growing? Is your accountant too busy to help or your lawyer too expensive to ask? We can help you get things done!

We are business professionals who can notarize, document, analyze, and write. Free consultation, affordable billing and attentive service - we can help! 

Notary public

California commission #000000 - mobile services available, anywhere in the San Fernando Valley and beyond.

Business writing

Editing, copywriting, document preparation, manuscripts, grants - experts in Word, Powerpoint and Scrivener.

Financial services

Quick and affordable 1040 tax preparation, data analysis, experts in Excel, Matlab, and R.

urgent care for your wordpress blog

Is your blog broken? Is your website developer too busy to help or too expensive to ask? We can fix it quickly and without breaking the bank!

We are wordpress experts who actually understand what's under the hood of your blog. Free diagnosis, affordable billing and attentive service - we can help! 


Over a decade of experience installing and using Wordpress and other PHP-based CMS systems, as well as plugin authorship and theme design. We've built and debugged hundreds of websites, so we know what can go wrong and how to quickly make it right.


No-nonsense billing in 15-minute increments with a 2 hour cap. Each work increment costs only $25 (1-increment minimum). The simpler the problem, the cheaper the fix, unlike other developers who will charge you hundreds of dollars for even a cursory fix.


Free consultation and diagnosis, detailed assessment and explanation of the work, no risk. We just fix what's broken and aren't going to try and upsell you on changes you don't need.

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